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What Our Customers Say

Time and again they have proven themselves to be highly intelligent, practically balanced, creatively broad, and ethically founded.
Bradley J. Stringer

CCO, Inceptio Medical Technologies

Constellation Labs are great advisors and will work with your team to figure out any solution to your problem.

Danny Boyer

Co-Founder, Boxheads

It is rare to come across such a talented team of product developers. They helped us launch our company by working along side our founder to take his idea to market.
R. Camden Robinson

VP Technology, SnapPower

Constellation Labs and team are truly experts at what they do. I highly recommend Constellation Labs for your project.

Robert Brinton

Co-Founder, Aluvii

We highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch engineering solutions.

Zahra Derafshi

Head of Hardware Computing, Torus Inc.

They are professional, prompt, and thorough. We consider Constellation Labs an integral part of our engineering and manufacturing processes.

Eric Nofsinger

Founder, Liquid Lumens

Because of them we now have multiple patents and are on our way to opening our first location.

Mike Wadman

CEO & Founder, NIXO

They are very responsive and always available to answer questions and provide design guidance, I recommend them to anyone looking for a partner in product development.
Nehal Shah

Project Manager, Mars International

You guys have a phenomenal team at Constellation Labs! Glad we’re working with you.
Matthew Henningson

COO/Co-Founder, Novi Security


Electrical Engineering

  • Electronics Development RF, wireless, solar, charging, battery chemistries, energy harvesting, schematics, PCBs
  • Circuit Design RF, wireless, lownoise, lowpower, analog, highspeed digital
  • Integrated Circuit Design design and validation testing of analog, digital, and RF integrated circuits
  • Cross Protocol Gateways bridging wireless nodes with wired and wireless networks, internet of things
  • Regulatory Approvals safety, intentional and unintentional radiated emissions, interoperability
  • Wireless and Wired Sensors wide variety of sensors for monitoring just about anything that can be measured
  • Internet of Things Deployment solving problems with reliable IoT networks deployed across the nation

Mechanical Engineering

  • Production Automation and Test Production testing to handle 10 units per week or 100k units per month
  • Balancing Development Cost with Production Cost for best ROI identify early in the process ROI tradeoffs
  • Production Tooling injection molded and cast parts, machining and stamping, sheet metal
  • Jigs and Fixtures used on the production line as well as during development

Software Development

  • Embedded Firmware Development opensource and mainstream compilers, assembly, C, C++, Python
  • PC, distributed, and networked/Internet Software Development C, C++, Linux, LabVIEW, Node JS, HTML5

Meet Some Of Our Team Members

Our engineers have been solving problems since the 1980s, and in 2013, came together as Constellation Labs. We have worked with inventors, start-ups and fortune 500 companies to help them bring ideas to life. With decades of experience in Electronic, Electrical, Mechanical, Software, and Firmware

Engineering, our experts have a reputation for innovation, problem-solving, and hitting deadlines. Our team can help you from concept to production — all the way into revenue. Reach out to us. Discover what we can do for you.

Jeremy Willden

Jeremy Willden

Director, Systems Engineer

Utilizing diverse skill sets across multiple engineering disciplines, he plans and organizes projects to make customers successful. He fluently speaks the languages of both customers and highly technical engineers, and translates effectively between them.  His remarkable memory and ability to connect technical concepts together are among his strengths.
Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson

Director, Electronics Engineer

Using a wide variety of CAD tools, translates his in-depth knowledge of electronics and product design/manufacturing into marketable product designs that are optimized for function, performance, cost and manufacturability.  Adept and identifying potential project risks. His hand’s-on skills are always put to good use in the lab and when expertly applied to problem-solving of all kinds.
Jonathan Jensen

Jonathan Jensen

Hardware & Firmware Engineer

Having designed fully custom integrated circuits, Jonathan has a better understanding than most how to effectively use them. An understanding of the challenges faced by chip makers and finding low-cost solutions to difficult problems sets him apart from most embedded engineers.  His mind works equally well in analog and digital circuits and in time-domain and frequency-domain analysis.
Helaman Ferguson

Helaman Ferguson

Firmware & Software Engineer

An young prodigy tempered with decades of development experience, his talent for structure and quality design brings order to the development process. With a deep understanding of microprocessor architecture and design practices, his clean coding style makes for maintainable, extensible software. Seeks for clarity in understanding.
John Filoso

John Filoso

Firmware & Software Engineer

Detail oriented while simultaneously keeping a high level view, he feels at home with a wide variety of software development environments, from desktop applications to deeply embedded microcontroller firmware.
John Schwartz

John Schwartz

Hardware Engineer

His customer focus helps him continually push to find a better way to implement a product, while sharing his real-world experience with peers and clients alike.

Phil Dietz

Mechanical Engineer

Integrating beautiful design with functional elegance, Phil understands tooling and molding and works closely with manufacturers to ensure the final product is appealing, intuitive, and easy to manufacture.