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Constellation Labs engages in new product development under confidentiality agreements, preventing publication of project details.
However, some of our clients have publicly disclosed that Constellation Labs has worked for them, and others have provided testimonials for publication.
Here are a few of the things some of our clients have said about us.
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I have worked with the team at Constellation Labs for over a year and it has been a pleasure to work with them. They were always thinking steps ahead in what they were building and worked diligently and meticulously.

They were great with communication as they always responded to emails quickly with any questions I had and kept me informed of what they had been working on.

I highly recommend Constellation Labs!

Eric Kanowitz

CEO, TapMarket

We initially worked with Constellation Labs during a crucial time when we needed an electrical board to be designed and delivered quickly. Their swift response and expertise were exactly what we needed. Working with them was a breeze—they were not only responsive but also demonstrated mastery in their field, making the collaboration seamless and efficient.

From design to prototype build, Constellation Labs delivered promptly, ensuring we had the necessary parts in hand for testing without delay. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to meeting our needs made them our go-to company for any projects requiring their expertise.

We highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch engineering solutions.

Zahra Derafshi

Head of Hardware Computing, Torus, Inc.

It has been my great pleasure to professionally associate with the engineers at Constellation Labs for the past seven years.

During that time I have been almost continuously engaged with them on various important instrumentation projects, including a recent one in which the pressure to quickly design, build and demonstrate a functional medical instrument prototype at a European venue was almost impossible.

Time and again they have proven themselves to be highly intelligent, practically balanced, creatively broad and ethically founded.

It is my pleasure to give Constellation Labs my unqualified recommendation for their services.

Bradley J. Stringer

CCO, Inceptio Medical Technologies, LLC

I approached Constellation Labs looking for an engineering firm that was willing to prototype. NIXO was a brand new concept and they introduced me to the Ninja Prototype method which is a quick and cheap way to get a proof of concept. NIXO has a lot of moving parts and they expertly helped to navigate all of the potential technologies to find the best ones to make it work. Because of them we now have multiple patents and are on our way to opening our first location.

Mike Wadman

CEO & Founder NIXO

It is rare to come across such a talented team of product developers. The team at Constellation Labs helped us launch our company by working along side our founder to take his idea from concept, through development and into production.

Their professionalism, innovation, critical thinking and remarkable talent combined to make our first and subsequent products commercially successful.

They posses a wealth of practical experience that helps us with project planning. The team also coaches us in avoiding and managing many risks throughout the entire product life cycle. We consider them an asset to our internal team.

Camden Robinson

VP, SnapPower

We hired Constellation Labs to work with us on multiple electrical and firmware engineering projects. Their expertise has been instrumental in project evaluation, circuit board design, internal parts manufacturing as well as patent submissions.

They are professional, prompt, and thorough. We consider Constellation Labs an integral part of our engineering and manufacturing processes.

Eric Nofsinger

Founder, Liquid Lumens

The Constellation Lab team members are experts in what they do. They helped us develop our V1 prototype and they were able to finish it in 3 months. As a startup, the speed of research and development is extremely important and they delivered on all accounts. Beyond that, Constellation Labs are great advisors and will work with your team to figure out any solution to your problem. I highly recommend them if you are developing any sort of hardware device.

Danny Boyer

Co-Founder, Boxheads

Constellation Labs and team are truly experts at what they do. We wasted a lot of time and money prior to our engagement with them with various other contractors. The difference in skill, knowledge, and quality was astounding.

The people on the project were amazing to work with. Not only did they understand our project and execute it at a high level, they also provided very good advice and consultation at each step along the way. They came up with questions and brought things to our attention that we had never previously thought about. This helped us pick the right parts that were in stock, save money with the product design, and still maintain a visually appealing product.

The timeline and cost estimates were all very transparent and accurate. We met regularly to discuss the project and cost along the way. There were no surprises, and they were quick to finish each milestone. They also worked very well with our team to train and educate, so they could maintain the project even after the engagement was over. I highly recommend Constellation Labs for your project.

Robert Brinton

Co-Founder, Aluvii

You guys have a phenomenal team at Constellation Labs! Glad we’re working with you.
Matthew Henningson

COO/Co-Founder, Novi Security

Constellation Labs designed and constructed a Synthetic Spider Silk manufacturing machine for use by researchers in the Synthetic Bioproducts Center at Utah State University.  A news story on shows brief images of the machine in operation, along with skeins of spider silk created with the machine.  Another video posted by the University explains more of the practical uses for artificial spider webbing.
They are very responsive and always available to answer questions and provide design guidance. They show great willingness to work with junior and senior staff as well as provide training to accelerate our learning curve of new products and technologies.

They are a pleasure to work with and recommend them to anyone looking for a partner in product development.

The engineers at Constellation Labs allowed us to supplement our in-house engineering team and helped us grow our core business by adding new technologies to our product lines.

Their wireless experts not only helped us design a new product family, but ensured a smooth transition by training our team and documenting their work well.

Their flexibility to work on our time frame, whether we needed a lot of their time or none at all, helped us avoid project schedule slips that could have happened if they hadn’t worked so closely with us.

Our in-house engineers are fantastic at what they do, but with limited spare time, having the resources of Constellation Labs allows us to complete our strategic development objectives without overloading our in-house team. They provide an extra set of eyes for design reviews, helping to catch potential problems early in the design process, saving us time and money.

Constellation Labs is a trusted member of our team and we appreciate having them available when we need them.

Nehal Shah

Project Manager, Mars International